Here is the completed piece. Since the gift was a Christmas present for my mom, I can't help but feel she was a bit biased in her opinion on how it turned out.
Here is the wine bottle I found. The wine is actually decent and can be purchased at your local Trader Joe's.


I was looking online for some images to use one day and I came across this site http://karenswhimsy.com/ and became inspired. She has on her site these Altered Art Books she has created. My favorite is her Dia de Los Muertos piece. I found myself more and more interested in wanting to try my hand at an Alter Art Book piece. It's been two months since I stumbled across her site and now have finally gathered the materials and limited knowledge I need to create one.

I was thinking of making a piece for my mom for Christmas however my mind just kept going blank. Here it is at 4am on Christmas Eve and I can't for the life of me bring pieces of paper to life. As I was heading to grab a glass of water I noticed sitting on my mom's counter an empty frosted wine bottle from the wine she was drinking earlier. I rinsed out the bottle and got to work.

There was a beautiful golden image of a lady on the original wine label. I decided to keep her face in my piece but create around it. After several strips of paper, plenty of sticky fingers from the PPA adhesive and ribbons for accent I was amazed at what I had transformed the soon to be recycled bottle in to.

I have gathered a couple of empty wine bottles from the recent Holiday with my mom and look forward to creating more altered wine bottle pieces.

A New Start...........

Well I have no idea what I am doing here. The more I think about creating this blog the more I confirm in my head I've done lost my mind. Even knowing that I am drawn at the idea of just being able to place random thoughts down and that there actually might be a single person or more who may find this of interest. With that said here I go.....

My name is kept private however you may call me Kali. I am a 33 year old single mom who is looking to start fresh in life in many ways. I recently lost my job of 6 years and was widowed 3 years ago. I have now found myself at a bit of a crossroads in my life. Without a job I could look at finally going back to school and actually get my four year degree. On the other hand there is the practical side of life and I should be looking for a job as we speak and not writing a blog. After looking back on my life, I saw I had stepped off my original path and got side tracked and involved in a lifestyle that rubs against the grain of who I was and of who I am now rediscovering. I know, I know, I'm only 33 and I imagine those that may read this will think I'm a bit young/naive to think of life this way. I will say that I'm aware I have many years of life ahead of me to live and a lifetime yet to look back at reflect on the past since my past is still young. At the same time though I feel as though I have enough self-awareness to know that I'd rather start fresh now than in another 10-15 years.