Mijo's Lil' Monsters

My son loves the Uglydolls sold at local retailers.  Upon looking at them I thought about how much more he would enjoy them if the were individually unique and one-of-a-kind.  Then I thought about how much fun I would have making them for considerably less than what I would be paying for them from the store.  So far here is what I have created. The one with it's arms hanging down is a two toned monster with different faces on each side.  The little rectangle one is his tooth fairy pillow and the teeth on the pillow is where he places his lost teeth for the fairy.  I can't wait to add a few more to the bunch.


Quick and Fun

I follow another blog titled " A Beautiful Mess" here on blogger.com.  A recent post found here: http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/10/tricks-treats-autumn-fabric-wreath-by-elise-blaha.html. Elsie and Elise had this wonderful DIY project for a wreath.  I didn't have many fall colored ribbons so I went in search of some to create a perfect thank you gift for my mom.  She's been my rock lately and I thought she would enjoy this gift.  Above is a picture of my completed project.  This was so easy to do and I had fun making it. I can't wait to surprise my mom with it by hanging it on her door while she is at work tomorrow.

 To the right is a snapshot of the bottom portion of the wreath and below is a quick pic of the top of it.  I couldn't help but take a picture of the ribbons I used to make her present.  I used bright oranges, maroons, deep chocolate browns, shiny ambers and various prints mixed about with solids and sheers.


You Will Choose the Queen of Hearts

Here's my skull piece for 4x4 Friday's Skully challenge.  I had fun making this one.  I'm tired and should go to sleep but I want to keep playing with all my paper, glue, stamps, ribbons, etc. Although I think sleep is going to win out in the end.  Thanks to 4x4 Friday for giving a fun theme with Halloween around the corner.


Wine Bottles a Day Late for the Art Show

Every ten years the Minneapolis Institute of Art holds a unique art exhibit. This exhibit is open to any and all people in the State of Minnesota who wish to submit something they have created to be displayed as part of this particular Art Exhibit. It's called "A Foot in the Door". I found out about it late in the afternoon the day before the deadline. I stayed up all night after my drawing class and created 2 wine bottle pieces to submit. I got to the designated line at the M.I.A only to find out that they were no longer taking submissions and that the quota allowed for the show had been filled within roughly a hour of the opening time on the deadline day. So, in the mean time, I will continue to create and perfect my pieces so that when another 10 years rolls by I'm better prepared and ready to submit a piece of work on day 1 of the submission acceptance.          

Lost in Thought Under the Tree ATC

This was the third ATC I made earlier this year. I love this little girl in her dress robe. This little girl is part of a clear rubber stamp set I have. I used a metallic black ink to stamp her image onto pieces of craft paper. I then embossed the stamped images with a clear embossing powder for her head and face then I used a clear sparkled embossing powder for the dress portion. I cut the head and dress from their stamped sheets and attached them as so. The background is a piece of scrapbooking craft paper with a tree sticker placed on it. I then layered the film negative transparency over the background with the tree. Over top the tree image showing through the film negative I used a silver floral image that is a rub-on. Lastly I placed the happy little girl as the top layer to the whole card.

Gypsy Girl ATC

I also found this beautiful image of this young girl. This was ATC #2 I made. She looked as she has an old soul of a gypsy artist. Same as the princess below I used metallic colored pencils to give her some color and flare. I also used a ribbon across the top as part of her mixed background along with craft paper. The guitar is a sticker from my scrapbooking stuff. The word "dream" is a rub-on also used from my scrapbooking.

A Princess and Her Kitty ATC

The first of three ATC's I made earlier this year. I found this vintage image of this girl and just felt drawn to her. I thought it would be fun to give her a pet and deck her out with a crown and a fancy ribbon collar for her kitty. This card was created with craft paper, a printed black & white back ground and with printed free photo images found online. I additionally used metallic colored pencils, ribbon, and stick on gems to complete her look.

I also found this beautiful image of this young girl. She looked as she has an old soul of a gypsy artist. Same as above I used metallic colored pencils to give her some color and flare. I also used a ribbon across the top as part of her mixed background. The guitar is a sticker from my scrapbooking stuff. The word "dream" is a rub-on also used from my scrapbooking

Long Time No Post

I was looking at my blogging profile and noticed I haven't posted on this side lately. I'm done with my drawing class and let's just say I'm not surprised with the grade I received. I'm not proud of it either but at least I tried and passed. My Photography class at school is going wonderfully and I anticipate a much better grade in that particular class. As for creating art at home? Well.... I haven't done anything recently (in the last month or so). I will attach pictures of three ATC's I made and two Altered or "decorated" wine bottles I did early this year in February. I have been looking long and hard at a blank canvas and heavy body acrylics that seem to be calling my name lately. I may just have to put on some music, drink some wine and let the brushes flow. I'm looking to paint a unique background or "underground" for my final photo assignment. I have this large clear coffee mug recently purchased for this project that I intend to fill with coffee beans. I would like to create a painted background to place underneath the coffee bean filled mug and shoot photos of it as a cover piece to my final project for class. I have proposed shooting as my final project a people and interior decour study of the various coffee shops here in the Twin Cities. I of course feel obligated to visit the 3 major "Chain" coffee shops however I prefer to spend my time in the vastly diverse amount of quaint, kitschy, cozy, random, quirky, colorful, independent, and very eclectic local coffee shops. I look forward to shooting lots of film and will at some point scan in various photos from my past and current assignments.



Well as part of the New Year, I have chosen to return to college and give it another try. I'm excited but scared to be taking a drawing class. I've never been good at drawing really. I have always been good about coloring and the use of color but not actually drawing figures, still life and such. I think of myself as more an abstract artist when it comes to drawing and painting. Not only have I registered for a drawing class but I also am taking a Black & White 35mm photography class. I hope to do my best and both and have passing grades at the end of the semester. It's rather important to me to do well in school. Especially the Art classes seeing how I am looking to obtain an Associates Degree in Fine Arts which I will then use to transfer to a four year college and seek an ASL Interpreting degree combined with a teaching degree and license.

Yes, I am aware the amount of school work that is waiting for me and look forward to tackling that pile of paper one sheet at a time. I figure since I have no funds or time to travel and need a better education to start a career, not to mention no real social life per se, school is the best thing for me at this point in my life. I look forward to the challenge.


A New Year for New Art

I was pleasantly surprised when I stopped by the local liquor store last night. The manager was in and said he'd be delighted to allow me to collect the empty wine bottles from their wine tastings for me to use in my collages. I also recently found a local tobacco shop willing to give me their empty cigar boxes. I look forward to a new year and many items to play and create with. Happiest of New Years to all.