A New Year for New Art

I was pleasantly surprised when I stopped by the local liquor store last night. The manager was in and said he'd be delighted to allow me to collect the empty wine bottles from their wine tastings for me to use in my collages. I also recently found a local tobacco shop willing to give me their empty cigar boxes. I look forward to a new year and many items to play and create with. Happiest of New Years to all.


  1. It's a cool piece. Makes me fancy a glass of wine!! By the way, your link on MMM doesn't work - it's missing the .com.

  2. ooo you are my kinda gal, I am a label collector (used on in my MMM piece actually) and cigar boxes are wonderful to collect too!
    PLUS we're recycling ;)
    Happy New Year!

  3. great use of a wine bottle, welcome to the world of blogging! Your gonna Love it!