Well as part of the New Year, I have chosen to return to college and give it another try. I'm excited but scared to be taking a drawing class. I've never been good at drawing really. I have always been good about coloring and the use of color but not actually drawing figures, still life and such. I think of myself as more an abstract artist when it comes to drawing and painting. Not only have I registered for a drawing class but I also am taking a Black & White 35mm photography class. I hope to do my best and both and have passing grades at the end of the semester. It's rather important to me to do well in school. Especially the Art classes seeing how I am looking to obtain an Associates Degree in Fine Arts which I will then use to transfer to a four year college and seek an ASL Interpreting degree combined with a teaching degree and license.

Yes, I am aware the amount of school work that is waiting for me and look forward to tackling that pile of paper one sheet at a time. I figure since I have no funds or time to travel and need a better education to start a career, not to mention no real social life per se, school is the best thing for me at this point in my life. I look forward to the challenge.

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