Long Time No Post

I was looking at my blogging profile and noticed I haven't posted on this side lately. I'm done with my drawing class and let's just say I'm not surprised with the grade I received. I'm not proud of it either but at least I tried and passed. My Photography class at school is going wonderfully and I anticipate a much better grade in that particular class. As for creating art at home? Well.... I haven't done anything recently (in the last month or so). I will attach pictures of three ATC's I made and two Altered or "decorated" wine bottles I did early this year in February. I have been looking long and hard at a blank canvas and heavy body acrylics that seem to be calling my name lately. I may just have to put on some music, drink some wine and let the brushes flow. I'm looking to paint a unique background or "underground" for my final photo assignment. I have this large clear coffee mug recently purchased for this project that I intend to fill with coffee beans. I would like to create a painted background to place underneath the coffee bean filled mug and shoot photos of it as a cover piece to my final project for class. I have proposed shooting as my final project a people and interior decour study of the various coffee shops here in the Twin Cities. I of course feel obligated to visit the 3 major "Chain" coffee shops however I prefer to spend my time in the vastly diverse amount of quaint, kitschy, cozy, random, quirky, colorful, independent, and very eclectic local coffee shops. I look forward to shooting lots of film and will at some point scan in various photos from my past and current assignments.

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