Wine Bottles a Day Late for the Art Show

Every ten years the Minneapolis Institute of Art holds a unique art exhibit. This exhibit is open to any and all people in the State of Minnesota who wish to submit something they have created to be displayed as part of this particular Art Exhibit. It's called "A Foot in the Door". I found out about it late in the afternoon the day before the deadline. I stayed up all night after my drawing class and created 2 wine bottle pieces to submit. I got to the designated line at the M.I.A only to find out that they were no longer taking submissions and that the quota allowed for the show had been filled within roughly a hour of the opening time on the deadline day. So, in the mean time, I will continue to create and perfect my pieces so that when another 10 years rolls by I'm better prepared and ready to submit a piece of work on day 1 of the submission acceptance.          

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